National English Examination for Gifted High-school Students 2012

Đề thi HSG quốc gia THPT môn tiếng Anh 2012

Update: Listening Part, Suggested Key & Modified Test Paper

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Listening File

Suggested Key



47 thoughts on “National English Examination for Gifted High-school Students 2012

  1. Hi.
    I highly appriciate your key because I really need it. This year, I’m gonna get an National Exam in English so I think you can help me :).
    First, do you know which book was the listening part in? And can you post more Selection Exams so that I can practice?
    Thank you very much and I look forward to your reply very soon.

  2. Can I ask some questions here (about the Error Correction)?
    1) “participative” doesn’t exist in OALD, is it correct to use it? Should we replace it with “participatory”?
    2) in OALD, “commitment” goes with “to sth”. So can we use “commitment for popular participation … ” like in the passage?
    3) what’s wrong with the word ” certifying” so that we have to change it?
    4) I think “half” is used with “of” before a definded noun, except for nouns referring to measuring units such as “hour”, “kilogram” , etc. Because “the world” is definite, it is correct to use “of” after “half”. It is similar to “parts of the world”.
    Thank in advance for your explanations.

    1. One thing I could say is that the passage is not written in standardized English language so we could just compare the original with the edited version by the test makers. Hope they will pay more attention to this next year.

  3. Apparently there is no problem with the Word form section (barring the “interrelated” word which I think no one got it right). However the Error section seems very ridiculously made (similar to Olympic tests), especially the “half the world” and the “REgeneration” (again, no one got them right ). Meh, I ll wait for the A1 test this year and see if there are some fun in it ><. For the time being, just deal with the mistakes then ^^, having critical thinking in our country is super hard I pressume !!!

  4. you can see the wordform exercise was adapted from
    Here is the origin:
    During the mid-19th century, architecture became institutionalized as a profession requiring formal preparation and subject to codes of performance. During this period connoisseurship—full academic training in the history of architecture and its aesthetics—was the designer’s most important qualification. In every Western country the École des Beaux-Arts in Paris was accepted as the model for architectural education. Architecture was easily separated from engineering, which had pragmatic rather than aesthetic goals. Yet today the profession delivers not only aesthetic guidance but also a bewildering array of technical services requiring many specialized contributors. The architect strives to maintain the position of generalist, one who can take the long view while orchestrating the resolution of complex interrelated issues.

  5. I think that omitting or keeping the word “of” here are both not a problem. See Unit 51, Advanced Grammar in Use (Martin Hewings, CUP). So probably this is not a mistake but a hole of knowledge of the test makers.

    1. You know why the key and test paper are not officially released until now? Because there are controversial public opinions about Literature, and maybe English. You see that English is not Vietnamese property, the native speaker of English also makes mistakes but that is the patron’s ego. I myself has written to the Ministry of Education and Training with a request for the publishing of those for two months up to now. However, there is nothing of a reply?? One more thing, with reference to the terms of the exam, the tests and their keys should have been officially brought out 4 months ago. This dubious affair leads to a big question !!!!

  6. Lol, i don’t know. I have never take the “half” structure seriously and now I see this o-0. I think there may be 2 cases. 1. half must go with the before it to form “the half of the sth”, but this seems awkward. Or 2, “half of the world” means half of the Earth literally and “half the world” means the population just like you said. Anyway, this is amateurish guessing, so we need and even older hand at this to help you make a complete detailed key script ^^. Btw, you haven’t introduced yourself to me, which is unfair, can I at least know your age? And happy 30/4 1/5 too !!!

  7. Could you please explain question number 40 of the Error Identification section? I don’t understand the difference between “half the world” and “half of the world” !

    1. In the context, I guess the writer implies “half of the world’s population” or “half the world”. “Half of the world” doesn’t make any sense in the context, so “of” should be omitted. What do you think about it?

  8. ><, quên mất không biết tuổi mà lại xưng hô bạn mình tỉnh queo. Em tên Khoa, hs lớp D trường THTH. Mong anh ( thầy ) Trung giải đáp thắc mắc giúp em. Em cảm ơn ạ !

  9. Thành Trung ơi cho mình hỏi. Mình thấy thắc mắc ở câu 22 và 24 phần trắc nghiệm. Câu 22 sao không chọn chữ depreciate mà lại là minimize? Còn ở câu 24 mình đã dò và không tìm thấy cấu trúc certain on mà chỉ có intent on, vậy sao lại chọn
    certain? Mong bạn Trung có lời giải đáp càng sớm càng tốt. Mình cũng từng thi QG nên thấy có vấn đề là bức xúc dữ lắm, mong bạn thông cảm ^^. Sincerely, Khoa, khóa 08-11 Trung học THực Hành DHSP TPHCM

    1. 22) “Depreciate” often collocates with nouns such as “asset”, “currency”, “value”, etc., meaning “to reduce sth’s value, esp. asset”. “Undermine” and “devalue” are not appropriate, so I choose the last one “minimize” (to make sth less important than it really is)

      24) That’s my typing mistake. “Intent” is the correct answer. I’ll modify my key soon. Thanks for contributing.


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