1. Dear MrSpongebob, each edition of the olympic book is always published in October, so you need to be patient, and work your way through the other books. Where are your location, in HCMC there is the Hồng ân bookstore that is specialized in this type of books, they have just published a whole “HD collection” book that ranges from 2007 to 2011. If u are interested and addicted to Eng, that is a must have ^^

    1. Dear Koa. So your favorite part is Word form ( how many word could you complete), well my favorite one is Sentence transformation, I actually did 9 over 10 sentences. One thing that really got on my nerve was the point we got for the Writing part this year. Can you believe that I had put all my hard work on the ST (just because we got 2 instead of 1 point as the multiple choices) and then when it came to this year, the fucking ST mark was equivalent to the other ones. As if they had remained like usually, I would have took home the gold one (luckily I got an silver one). Glad to hear your feedback.
      Ps: Which province and school were you represented for?

  2. Mix gap filling word form is not the orginal word form, it’s not pure word form, it’s just a damn ridiculously hard puzzle that LHP school makes to make sure no one got more than 6 correct answers just like u (and me neither ), so being bad at that section means nothing. I’m just keen on the countless correspondent forms of 1 word, not how it is settled in a paragraph. And btw, :like a sir: is just a fun way to say “with style”, it’s a 9gag joke, u can look it up on the website knowyourmeme. I hope we ll meet in reality :like 2 sirs: and have more chit chat about what we love over a sweet cup of coffee. C ya, and P/s: I never get upset, upseting is for the weaklings, I always laugh and Lol, but never get upset ^^

      1. I cant regconized if u are deploying sarcasm Mr kisshatter, but nevertheless Im still gonna answer you :like a sir: . Yes, it was a glorious chocolate-bronze medal with a memorable score of 55/120 (lol), I was young back then (grade 11), so it was a tough time. However, I must admit that Olympic tests can contain extraordinary knowledge, especially the Word form part (which is why i fall in love with Eng). So when I see the “did”, my grammar nazi sense was tingling ^^. Oh well, it’s fun to have a place like this to show off and still not be called a jack ass so I’m happy. BTw mr kiss, are you a fan of 9gag? In my opinion the whole world can get along with each other given the condition that they are addicted to that website !!!

        P/s: still dont understand what “did” stand there for ! I wasnt trying not to believe what u said, i didn’t understand, that’s all. I think without “did” the sentence will still be the same right ?

        Nice to meet you, it would be very nice if you introduce yourself like I did at the HSG QG 2012 topic so we can all be equal. Afterall I’m not a terrorist, I just want to have fun

        1. Actually you needn’t have been calling me sir cuz I’m only 2 years older than you. I’ve nvr heard of 9gag b4 u brought it in to me and well it’s really interesting page. Nice to meet you, too.

          One more thing, I have never meant to make fun of you, so don’t take notice of all my words if they upset you, OK?

        2. I couldn’t agree with you less that extraordinary knowledge is that makes me addicted to English especially the sentence transformation. I was wondering if you could complete a mix gap-fill word form. I’ve never got more than 6 correct answer on this kind of terrible exercise for the gifted I mean.

  3. So you mean that the “did” means “to celebrate” 0+o, super weird. The sentence itself is easy to understand, yet the word “did” makes it “out of this world” Oh well, this is OLYMPIC, anything can happen ><. Well, if you happen to run into such unnatural grammar in the future, I hope you can share it (them) with me, I'm a bit into this stuff ^^. Anyway, many thanks

    P/s: About this "did", my opinion (and feeling) is that "did" here means A. used to be (kind of irrelevant) B. it's a short form of "did become soft in the head" C. it's a God- or-who-the-hell-know adverd form of "did" that modifies the phrase "who are a bit…"

    The biggest problem is just that I don't know who "did" goes with, "to celebrate" or "soft in the head" ????

    If you have further info, please contact. Have a good day Mr kisshatter ^^

    1. Well, I understand all your suppositions, but I think “we celebrated …” means everyone celebrated but not many of them are soft in the head and “did” refers to the others.

      I guess this passage is taken from textbooks or testbooks written by native speaker of English or some of that kinds as they showed the heading, which is one sign to recognize the reliable sources. So I don’t think there’s any problem with this “did”. Furthermore, once a very little-known source is used in test making, the test makers rarely make effort to paraphrase or just almost keep the original.

  4. Mr kisshatter123 I have a small question about the Error Identification section of the 11 grade test “THE TRUTH ABOUT LOVE”. I can’t fully translate the first sentence, especially at the “soft in the head DID” part , why is there a DID behind soft in the head? I have never run into such strange grammar before. Could you please help ^^

    1. Koa: If you wanna understand this phrase fully, I think we shouldn’t have a close translation to this, I mean, we won’t use the meaning mentally deficient or foolish or silly. We can understand this phrase as “love makes people less conscious”. You know, people who are in love are often unaware of what they do or why they do that bla bla. So the writer’s purpose here is that.

      Regarding the word “did”, let’s have a closer look at the whole sentence “celebrated… and those of us who are a bit soft in the head did”. So those who are in love with a less conscious mind celebrated Valentine’s Day.

      Hope this helps.


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