SENTENCE TRANSFORMATION – Luyện Thi Vào Lớp 10 Chuyên Tiếng Anh 2012

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__ UPDATE: Keys to practice 1 and Practice 2, updates would be made without notification but within a week since the last update.

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  1. According to the report, their business has been very profitable. (money)

–> They

  1. She wasn’t able to pass the interview just because of her poor social knowledge. (enough)

–> Had

  1. He possibly took the money on purpose. (suspicion)

–> He is

  1. This is the first time I have seen such well-behaved children. (that)

–> Never

  1. Who is the organizer of the event? (running)


  1. I wasn’t convinced with his reasons for late submission, so I gave him a “zero.” (account)

–> Finding

  1. I prefer your sample to the other two. (three)


  1. My son attaches great importance to eating healthy food. (makes)

–> My son

  1. Although we respect Brian’s expertise, we’re not going to employ him this time. (plans)

–> Much

  1. It’s my mother wish that I do my best. (myself)

–> My mother would rather I

  1. They will not officially declare independence until next year.

–> No

  1. It isn’t worth asking James to help.

–> There is

  1. He’s really keen to start his new job. (starting)

–> He’s really

  1. Many of the unemployed refuse to think about their future until they are made to. (only)


  1. A lot of people are buying automatic cars these days. (demand)




1. I only realized my very much irresponsibility made me fired. (been)

–> Only when

2. She rented the house because she wanted to open a restaurant.

–> With

3. Our car has to a lot to be repaired so I suggest taking it to a nearby garage. (need)

–> I suggest that our car

4. You have to be aware that you don’t have much time so I want you to talk quickly.

–> In

5. His warnings couldn’t stop me from entering the room. (even)

–> I still went

6. We have no seats left for Lady Gaga live show on July 7th.

–> All the seats

7. He’s partially deaf, so he cannot communicate on the phone.

–> Were

8. He never suspected that his son was addicted to drugs.

–> At

9. Jane lost all her hope, so she decided to resign.

–> Such

10. Though he looks mature, he is not allowed to drink because he is not old enough. (age)

–> Mature

11. If you are not sure about something, ask your teacher for help. (doubt)

–> Should

12. I suggest that William should spend less money than usual. (belts)
–> I’d rather

13. Don’t complain it to me because it won’t make any difference. (good)

–> It is

14. You may be disqualified if you don’t obey the regulations. (result)

–> Failure

15. I really think you ought to acquire a few manners.

–> It’s high

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