High School Entrance Exam to Pho Thong Nang Khieu 2012 – 2013 (With Suggested Key)

Đề Thi Tuyển Sinh Lớp 10 Môn Tiếng Anh 2012 – 2013 (CHUYÊN)

Trường Phổ Thông Năng Khiếu (Đại Học Quốc Gia TP. HCM)



  • In this test, you will meet some familiar structures that already appeared in HCMC’s past papers. Therefore, you can do the sentence transformation (part C) easily. For keyword transformation (part D), it’s not so challenging except for question 3; you may use a phrasal noun to replace a phrase (TURNOUT).
  • In word formation (part B), you must be surprised to come up with the word UNTIMELY and the prefix OMNI- (in OMNIPOTENT), both of which I have already introduced in my practice test topic (https://blogchuyenanh.wordpress.com/2012/06/11/word-formation-luyen-thi-vao-lop-10-chuyen-anh-2012/).


16 thoughts on “High School Entrance Exam to Pho Thong Nang Khieu 2012 – 2013 (With Suggested Key)

  1. Thank you for your update. The upcoming Pho thong Nang khieu entrance examinations is close and although this topic is almost a year old I still can’t find the full answer keys anywhere. Please update your full answer key. Thank you!

  2. The word “rectify” is truly taking me aback. Well, gotta say that I never bear in mind that “right” and “rectify” have something in common until day. Yo really brilliant to notice that word. If only I realize to use “rectify” after the word “an error”. BTW, I also think the “bed” one, “bedridden” is definitely true (eventhough I really don’t think those 10-grade con figure it out) but I also suggest the word “sickabed”. I’m not pretty sure about this. Ok cherrio. gOODAY

  3. Các bạn cho mình ý kiến với. Càm ơn các bạn trước.

    1/ C
    2/ A
    3/ B
    4/ D
    5/ A
    6/ D
    7/ D
    8/ B
    9/ ?
    10/ C
    11/ A
    12/ A
    13/ B
    14/ D
    15/ B
    16/ A
    17/ A
    18/ B
    19/ C
    20/ C
    21/ B
    22/ A
    23/ B
    24/ C
    25/ C

  4. Mình đã làm thứ phần đoc hiếu như sau. Nhưng không chắc lắm. Các bạn cho mình ý kiến với
    46/ A
    47/ D
    48/ A
    49/ D
    50/ A
    51/ B
    52/ D
    53/ B
    54/ D
    55/ D

  5. my suggested key on multiple choice 🙂
    61. B
    62. C
    63. B
    64. A
    72. A
    73. D
    75. C
    76. B
    79. D
    80. C
    81. B
    82. B
    88. B
    90. D
    91. A
    92. C
    93. A
    94. D
    95. B
    96. C
    97. C
    98. A
    99. C
    100. C

  6. 36. A: red
    37. A: least
    38. D: laid
    39. B: Think
    40. C: place
    41. D: exposure
    42. C: regulations
    43. A: presence
    44. D: anticipating
    45. C: launched

  7. My suggested key on the guided cloze test:
    26. C: whenever
    27. A: public
    28. D: displayed
    29: B: intended
    30. A: regular
    31. B: shown
    32. D: appearance
    33. D: owned
    34. C: income
    35. D: damaged


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