Đề Thi Thử ĐH Khối D Môn Tiếng Anh – THPT Chuyên ĐH Vinh 2012 – 2013


For the the 1st



For the the 2nd



Update: Test & Key for the first time

12 thoughts on “Đề Thi Thử ĐH Khối D Môn Tiếng Anh – THPT Chuyên ĐH Vinh 2012 – 2013

  1. Hah why is there no writing part? I mean the sentence transformation.This entrance test is so weird…..but thanks anyway…all the tests are always at my disposal!!
    Ps: im about to the gifted entrance exam…..new guy you know….do you have any advice for me :)?


    1. The entrance exam to university is administered in form of multiple choice questions, so everything is that you have to make choices. Therefore the transformation is not as challenging as those found in the entrance exam for the gifted.

      Regarding the sentence transformation, to do well this section, you should be able to flexibly use clauses and phrases, pay attention to special structures, special passive voice, inversion, sentence in present but talks about future, bla bla, recognise the common idiomatic expressions being tested …

      To be able to pass the entrance to LHP, TDN, or NK it’s advisable that you know many collocations, phrasal verbs, special forms of words, idiomatic expressions, bla bla and to be honest, it is a must that you have to be instructed by someone involving in those schools or having a wealth of experience in preparing for this examination. But I think you have had one of those, right? So just believe in yourself and take care of yourself and never be disappointed come what may.

      Hope this helps and you guys pass the exam to come.



    1 B
    2 B
    3 C
    4 D
    5 D
    6 C
    7 B
    8 C
    9 C
    10 D
    11 B
    12 B
    13 B
    14 B
    15 A
    16 C
    17 B
    18 D
    19 A
    20 B
    21 A
    22 B
    23 A
    24 C
    25 C
    26 D
    27 B
    28 A
    29 A
    30 B
    31 A
    32 A
    33 D
    34 C
    35 D
    36 A
    37 D
    38 B
    39 C
    40 A
    41 D
    42 B
    43 A
    44 D
    45 C
    46 C
    47 C
    48 B
    49 C
    50 A
    51 C
    52 D
    53 B
    54 C
    55 C
    56 C
    57 A
    58 C
    59 C
    60 C
    61 A
    62 A
    63 B
    64 C
    65 B
    66 A
    67 D
    68 D
    69 D
    70 B
    71 D
    72 A
    73 B
    74 C
    75 D
    76 C
    77 B
    78 B
    79 C
    80 C



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