Objective IELTS Advanced (Full Set)


Objective IELTS is a 2-level IELTS preparation course providing comprehensive training for both the Academic and General Training modules. The course is uniquely informed by the Cambridge Learner Corpus, using analysis of real IELTS candidate papers. The 2 levels of Objective IELTS can be used on their own or consecutively, so that lower-level students requiring a high band score can start preparing early. Each level offers 60-80 hours of study, which can be extended using the Workbook and CD-ROM.

Key Features of this Title

  • Vocabulary and grammar practice in every unit, and a separate ‘Grammar folder’ target areas most relevant to IELTS candidates.
  • A free accompanying CD-ROM for each level provides extra IELTS practice in each of the four skills, as well as further work on pronunciation, vocabulary and grammar.
  • Regular ‘Test folders’ and ‘Writing folders’ provide thorough guidance and practice of every aspect of the test.
  • Regular revision sections motivate students by showing them how much they have achieved.
  • The twenty units cover a wide variety of topics over the course of each level, maintaining students’ interest and giving a sense of meaningful progress.
  • The Workbook offers additional ‘Writing workout’ sections, along with a complete IELTS Reading module and extra reading, writing, vocabulary and grammar practice.

Available Components (Click to Download)

22 thoughts on “Objective IELTS Advanced (Full Set)

  1. Sao mình ko download được các file khác ngoài student’s book nhỉ? Ad ơi xem lại giúp mình nhé. Cám ơn bạn nhiều vì đã chia sẻ :))


  2. hi guys. is there anyone has the ielts simulation tests? i’m looking for it for a while but i can’t find any pages with the book. if anyone has the book or has the address to buy this book, share with me please. thanks


    1. When i clicked into the link, all it did was just reload the page and nothing happened. i dont know why but this seems to happen with the other links too 😦


  3. Thank you very much! nevertheless, the links for the class cd and and the teacher’s book are not working. I’d appreciate it if you could update them 😉



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