Advanced English Practice #0


Hello everybody,

With a view to helping students prepare for upcoming English exams (Olympic contests, exams for the gifted, advanced entrance exams, etc.), we have decided to publish a series of advanced lessons, up to three of which are to be released every week.

Each practice consists of 10 to 20 test items, covering various types of exercise: multiple-choice questions, key word transformation, word formation, etc. We also provide useful exam tips in the hope of helping you overcome difficulties and be more confident in dealing with advanced exams. You can take part in these lessons by leaving your answers right in the comment box. Answer key will be posted when we receive 10 answers from you.

Last but not least, remember to read the instructions carefully before you start doing the exercises. Please feel free to make questions, and of course, in English.

Now, let’s kick off with our very first practice. Enjoy English!


4 thoughts on “Advanced English Practice #0


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