Cornucopia: More Than Words (Free Ebook Edition)

Cornucopia: More Than Words is a new edutainment resource that aims to deliver language lessons through real-world and word stories. This Christmas limited ebook edition comes with: • 35+ reflective essays and life stories from the author’s private blog over the past three years, updated with new entries and illustrations; accessible to B2 and higher-level language learners 35+ articles about etymologies, theme-based word histories, with contexts and usage notes to help you access the wordlists from the previous Cornucopia Word Formation books and explore various aspects of word formation.

I’d like to thank all my friends, colleagues, and ex-students who’ve always been willing to work beyond the call of duty in my absence and help me complete this work. Thank you again for all your constructive feedback and dedicated support.

About five years ago, I wrote the Cornucopia Word Formation series, presenting derivatives and compounds of hundreds of stem words, largely based on the Oxford English Corpus and a variety of authentic texts. But learning vocabulary and especially word families is more than just memorising derivatives or “supplying the correct form of the stem word.” You may know that “can” and “uncouth” are related, as are “comb” and “unkempt”, but if you know when and how these words are used, you’ll be able to express yourself more accurately and naturally. Hopefully through Cornucopia: More Than Words, you can learn that being able to choose among the derivatives and use them appropriately is just as important as knowing their combinations in authentic contexts.

The book is currently available only as a free ebook within December 2020. The updated paperback edition will (hopefully) be released in 2021.

Ebook ISBN: 978-1-716-39085-2 (fixed layout, 280 A5 pages)
Texts: Joong Thanh. Advisor: Soo Weihan. Illustrator: Cai Dongdong
Available on Lulu (global), Kobo (Southeast Asia), Barnes & Noble (selected territories), Apple iBooks (selected territories), Bookmate (Singapore, the Philippines, and selected Southeast Asian countries; subscription-based), e-Sentral (Malaysia), Ookbee (Thailand)…

How to Get the Free Ebook

If you already bought any of the Cornucopia Word Formation books or Monument Valley, you can get this new ebook for free. Please send an email to or text me on Messenger by the end of 2020 with the proof of purchase (in many cases I’ll be able to recognise you). I’ll be happy to send the EPUB version to your email. You can read this ebook

  • on your computer: Kotobee Reader, Adobe Digital Editions, any EPUB reader software of your choice
  • on your phone: Kotobee Reader (Android & iOS), Apple iBooks (iOS), Adobe Digital Editions (Android & iOS), any EPUB reader app of your choice

It’s totally up to you to honor this gift. You may donate whatever you can to the following MoMo account or simply share with me your thoughts and feelings about the book.

MoMo: 0977007976 • Name: Trinh Thanh Thu

Feel free to reach me on Messenger by the end of 2020 for further support.
Best wishes.


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