Download Cornucopia Word Formation 1, 2, Alpha 1 (Inspection Copies); New Microsite for Cornucopia Revision Projects

I’ve created a microsite dedicated to the Cornucopia Word Formation series and will start updating the word lists and exercises in these books. More usage notes, case studies, worksheets, word learning and teaching tips will also be added to this microsite to help you make the most of the resources. These revision projects are funded by some of my colleagues and myself (as my institutions are currently allocating funds for many other book projects). I’ll try to request for more support so that the resources can be free. For now, you can check out the inspection copies of these books and help me crowdsource more test items. This will help me understand better the issues faced by advanced English majors as well as teachers of specialised schools in learning, teaching, and testing word formation.

My new book Cornucopia: More Than Words will hopefully be an enjoyable guide to word building and etymologies.

Crowdsourced Quizzes (Test Yourself)

We’re crowdsourcing test items from all national and regional advanced language exams and competitions. Selected items will be adapted and included in the public quiz widgets on our website. Everyone can do this ‘endless’ quiz for free without signing in (for now). You can help collect and contribute test items to our crowdsourced testbanks, and receive 1 free Point for each selected item.

(discreet items, sentence level, gap filling)

Corpus Spotlight & Exam Practice

Coming soon…

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