Website Updates; Crowdsourced Test Items; More Resources for Advanced English Majors & Teachers of Specialised Schools

I’ve revised the website My English Tribe (Noi San Day & Hoc Chuyen Tieng Anh) to update our goals and plans for 2021. You can visit the site now to learn more about our upcoming corpus-based language and book revision projects. This note will walk you through the site’s updates and features.

Useful Links

For Advanced English Majors and Gifted/Talented Students in Specialised Schools

Crowdsourced Lexico-Grammar Test Items

To understand more about the issues faced by advanced English majors as well as teachers of specialised schools, we’re crowdsourcing test items from all national and regional advanced language exams and competitions (multiple-choice lexico-grammar). Selected items will be adapted and included in the public quiz widgets on our website. Everyone can do this ‘endless’ quiz for free without signing in (for now). You can help collect and contribute test items to our crowdsourced testbanks, and receive 1 free Point for each selected item.

Corpus Spotlight Practice Items

This widget shows corpus-based premium quizzes (1 Point/week, for now), focusing on lexical selection and lexical patterns (multiple-choice and gapped sentences) to help you learn authentic, practical language at advanced levels. The items are selected for productive use, often theme-based, with consideration of appropriate style for writing, adapted and written by our team of experienced teachers and item writers. Do get in touch if you wish to join our team. (There will be support, training, and perks for proofreaders and aspiring writers.)

Audio News Mini-Corpus

A free collection of news bulletins, live celeb interviews, selected live reports (CNN, BBC…) for authentic listening practice at advanced levels. All recordings can be downloaded for educational and non-commercial use. Transcripts are provided and can be searched across the database so you can see the language in context. There’ll also be videos with interactive quizzes and advanced listening practice tests based on authentic sources. If you want to help me adapt the material, feel free to get in touch. Download the mini-corpus.

For Teachers of Advanced English and Gifted Education in Specialised Schools

Towards Cambridge CELTA & DELTA

A premium quiz widget (1 Point/week, for now) for language teachers to revise teaching knowledge or preparing for the Cambridge CELTA qualification and Cambridge DELTA diploma; the items are written by experienced teacher trainers, also useful for the Cambridge TKT. Do get in touch for feedback on the quizzes.

and more advanced language resources to be revised and released soon…


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