DOs & DON’Ts


  1. always SEARCH before you ASK ANYTHING.

  2. discuss only issues about English and our blog.

  3. be polite, friendly and nice. (For example, simply say “Thank you!”) We make love, not war!

  4. contribute and share whatever you can.

  5. be useful, effective, focused and concise in discussion.

  6. provide the links to our blog if you quote any of the contents.

  7. write Vietnamese with accent.


  1. use: chat language, Vietnamese without accent, slang, swear, and any forms of bad and distorted language.

  2. judge other people. (Make questions instead.)

  3. force your own beliefs, prejudice and personal viewpoints on other people.

  4. quarrel or argue with one another.

  5. advertise for any personal purposes.

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